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Home Performance 演出 Audio and Video Archive 音像檔案 6/2003 CD:"Ode to Life" 「為生命喝采」

6/2003 CD:"Ode to Life" 「為生命喝采」

Published in June 2003
Organized by RTHK Radio 4
Not For Sale 2003年6月出版
香港電台第四台 統籌

There are difficult and worrying days in life, just as there are prosperous and gratifying ones. In tears and fears, we see love and courage; and when there is love, there is hope ...

Music, some say, is like the speech of angels. It can bring peace and harmony into our lives even when the storm clouds are at their darkest. To banish the blues, Radio 4 spearheaded 'Ode to Life', an outdoor concert in Hong Kong Park and, as a follow up, this CD.

We are heartened by the enthusiastic response from all the musicians and organizations that have contributed to this cause. With support from the Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong (CASH), two new works by Clarence Mak and Victor Chan have been commissioned as a timely musical tribute to life. And, the piece entitled 'Ode to Life' which has been specially written, performed and recorded by the renowned jazz guitarist Eugene Pao is currently another glorious highlight in this compilation.

While many of the selections are from Radio's 4 precious archive, we are deeply grateful to those record companies who provide us with the licenses for the tracks by international Chinese musicians, Fou Ts'ong, Yo-yo Ma and Lin Cho-liang, as well as the movie sound track 'Love is Beyond Words II' by Chan Wing-wah. Through this CD, musicians from Hong Kong and abroad are united in their love of music and their passion for life.

So, let's sit back and enjoy this album. I am sure it will refresh your souls and minds and bring some sweet sunshine into your life.

Amy Kwong
Head, Radio 4

人生難免有哀慟憂傷的時刻,但亦總有喜樂滿足的歲月。在流淚與驚惶之際,我們卻見證了愛心和勇氣。是愛,為我們帶來盼望 ...


謹此感謝所有參與和支持「為生命喝采」計劃的音樂家和機構。在香港作曲家及作詞家協會的支持下,麥偉鑄和陳偉光分別獲委約創作新曲,向生命獻禮。另外,爵士結他樂手包以正亦特別親自創作、演奏和灌錄了一首全新作品 - 《為生命喝采》,為這CD添上異彩。

除了從第四台的錄音寶庫中輯錄精華選段外,我們亦得蒙唱片公司提供版權,在這CD中收錄了由陳永華所寫的電影音樂《無言的愛 II》,以及著名海外華人音樂家傅聰、馬友友和林昭亮的精彩演出,讓本地及海外音樂家能透過這張CD,同心呈獻他們對音樂的熱愛和對生命的熱情。



CD Cover 唱片封面

Content 唱片內容
1. 陳國平 John Chen : 雙龍出海 (Dragon Wings)
龍向榮  Lung Heung-wing (percussion 敲擊樂) / 龍一脈 Mark Lung (percussion 敲擊樂) /
Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra 香港管弦樂團 / 黃大德 Samuel Wong 
RTHK Live Recording on 26/1/2002 香港電台現場錄音
2. Traditional 傳統樂曲: Simple Gifts (簡單的禮物)
馬友友 Yo-yo Ma (cello 大提琴) / Alison Krauss (vocalist 聲樂) 
3. Chopin 蕭邦: Nocturne In C minor (C小調夜曲)
傅聰  Fou Ts'ong (piano 鋼琴)
4. Beethoven 貝多芬: Symphony No.4 In B flat, Op.60 - 3rd Movement 降B大調第四交響曲,作品60 - 第三樂章
Hong Kong Sinfonietta 香港小交響樂團 / 葉詠詩 Yip Wing-sie 
RTHK Live Recording on 13/4/2002 香港電台現場錄音
5. 金蛇狂舞 (Dance Of The Golden Snake)
Four Gig Heads 四擊頭
RTHK Live Recording on 23/1/2003 香港電台現場錄音
6. Clarence Mak 麥偉鑄: 春去春來 (Spring To Spring)
Chinese Music Virtuosi 龢鳴樂坊
7. 李民雄 Li Min-xiong : 敲擊協奏曲「龍騰虎躍」(Percussion Concerto 'Flying Dragons And Jumping Tigers')
閻學敏  Yim Hok-man (percussion 敲擊樂) /
Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra 香港中樂團 / 閻惠昌 Yan Hui-chang
RTHK Live Recording on 22/3/2003 香港電台現場錄音
8. Françaix 法朗西: The Shepherd's Hour - "The Little Nervous One" (牧羊時間 - 「膽小鬼」)
Les Six 六秀士
RTHK Live Recording on 21/2/2000 香港電台現場錄音
9. Debussy德布西: Sonata For Violin & Piano - 3rd Movement 小提琴奏鳴曲 - 第三樂章
林昭亮 Lin Cho-liang (violin 小提琴) / Paul Crossley 哥斯利 (piano 鋼琴)
10. 包以正 Eugene Pao Ode To Life 為生命喝采
包以正 Eugene Pao (guitar 結他)
11. 陳偉光 Victor Chan :衷情 (Passions Within)
Nancy Loo 羅乃新 (piano 鋼琴)
12. Kreisler 克賴斯勒:Lieesfreud (愛的喜悅)
Hong Kong String Quartet 香港弦樂四重奏
13. 陳永華 Chan Wing-wah :無言的愛 (Love Is Beyond Words) II
梁建楓  Leung Kin-fung (violin 小提琴) / Nacny Loo 羅乃新 (piano 鋼琴)
14. 曾葉發 Richard Tsang :全賴愛 (All For Love)
The Pro-Musica Chorus of Hong Kong 香港雅樂社合唱團 
Members of the Cantacore Society雅謌合唱團成員
Hong Kong Children's Choir 香港兒童合唱團
New Art String Quartet 香港演藝弦樂四重奏 / 馮榕 Feng Rong (double bass 低音大提琴)
羅乃新  Nancy Loo (piano 鋼琴) / 曾葉發 Richard Tsang (conductor 指揮
RTHK Live Recording on 13/12/2002 香港電台 13/12/2002 現場錄音

Let Caring souls and true hearts
make peace, beauty, utopia -

The Pro-Musica Chorus of Hong Kong




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