The Pro-Musica Society of Hong Kong 香港雅樂社合唱團

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Join Us 歡迎加入

We welcome choral music lover who is interested in vocal singing with good pitch, basic music theory, and moderate sight-reading & listening abilities. Most important, your commitment by consistently attending rehearsals and practising at home before weekly rehearsal. Rehearsals are usually held every Wednesday 8:00pm-10:00pm in Hong Kong Cultural Centre or other rehearsal venues.

Our annual fee is HK$200* (financial year begins at 1st April). Admission as member by audition. Due to increasing number of Internet applicants, please provide your detail qualification and singing experience. We will acknowledge every applications by email. If you don't receive our acknowledgment within one month, please submit your application again.

Auditions are held normally every two weeks. We will invite qualified applicants by email. Applicants receive invitations are requested to reply within 2 weeks (normally) to choose their prefered sessions. Seats are limited to 3 in each session, and are allocated on first reply first serve. If an applicant doesn't reply before the deadline, we will assume that s/he withdraws the application.

On the date of audition, you are invited to come at 8:00pm and join us for one rehearsal. The audition will be started at around 9:45pm. Music theory and scale singing will be tested. You are required to sing one song. It is highly recommended that you should prepare your song SERIOUSLY. If you provide music score, our accompanist will play for you. You will be notified of the result by email in the following day.

* annual fee subjected to be reviewed in Annual General Meeting 年費金額會在會員大會上調整

我們歡迎合唱音樂愛好者,及對正統聲樂有興趣,音準,有基本樂理常識,有相當視唱聽音能力的朋友參加。 最重要的是你投入的參與,包括經常出席練習及能在家自我準備。練習通常在星期三晚上8時至10時於 香港文化中心或其他練習場地舉行。

本會年費為HK$200* (4月1日起計),入會需經試音。由於近期網上申請人數漸多,請盡量提供閣下在音樂方面的資格及經驗。 無論如何,我們會以電郵回覆每一份申請。如閣下在一個月內還未收到回覆,煩請再次遞交申請。


在試音當日,請於8時到臨參與我們一次練習,試音會在約9時45分開始。 首先是樂理及唱音階,然後由申請者演唱一首自行準備的歌曲。我們建議閣下應認真及充份準備這首歌曲,如你能提供伴奏譜,我們的司琴樂意為你即場伴奏。試音結果會在翌日以電郵通知。

The personal data collected in this form may be disclosed to other responsible members for communication and performance purpose. You have the right to request access to and to request the correction of personal data as stated in this form in accordance to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. Enquires concerning the personal data collected by mean of this form, including the request for access and corrections, should be addressed to The Pro-Musica Society of Hong Kong.



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