The Pro-Musica Society of Hong Kong 香港雅樂社合唱團

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Home Performance 演出 1980-1989 Choral Concert 雅樂飄揚

Choral Concert 雅樂飄揚

14 May 1988 (Sat) 8:00pm
1988年5月14日 (星期六) 晚上8時正
Auditorium, Tuen Mun Town Hall

House Programme 場刊
Conductor 指揮:李建真 Lee Kin Chun
Chorus 合唱團:The Pro-Musica Chorus of Hong Kong
Accompanist 伴奏:何素珊 Suzanna Ho

Presented by Regional Council

Programme 程序表
  • Mixed Chorus 混聲合唱
    •  Everyone Sang (群起高歌)
    • To Music (音樂頌)
    • Rolling Down To Rio (奔往里約)
  • Soprano Solo 女高音獨唱 -- 李錦清 Li Kam Ching
    • Alleluja (阿利路亞) 
    • The Lord's Prayer (主禱文)
    • 望雲 (Looking At The Clouds)
  • Mixed Chorus 混聲合唱
    • 遠方的客人請你留下來 (My Guest From Afar, Please Stay)
    • 陽關三疊 (Yang Guan Farewell)
    • 情別 (Parting Song)
  •  Mixed Chorus 混聲合唱
    • 搖船曲 (Song Of Rowing Boat)
    • 小河淌水 (Rippling Brook)
    • 送我一枝玫瑰花 (Send Me A Rose)
  • -- intermission 休息 --
  • Tenor Solo 男高音獨唱 -- 譚錦業 Antonio Tam
    • 滿江紅 (All Red The River) 
    • 一根扁擔 (Bamboo Pole)
  • Mixed Chorus 混聲合唱
    • I Don't Know How To Love Him from musical "Jesus Christ Superstar" (我不知如何愛他 選自 音樂劇《萬世巨星》)
    • Tonight from musical "West Side Story" (今夜 選自 音樂劇《西城故事》)
    • Love Is A Many Splendored Thing from movie "Love Is A Many Splendored Thing" (愛是多姿多彩 選自 電影《生死戀》)
  • Mixed Chorus 混聲合唱
    • 哈嘻呵 [笑之歌] (Ha He Ho [Song Of Laughter])
    • 輕笑 (Light Laughters)
    • 天倫 選自 電影《天倫》 (Parental Love from movie "Parental Love")

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