The Pro-Musica Society of Hong Kong 香港雅樂社合唱團

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Home Performance 演出 1990-1999 Choral Concert at Hong Kong Park 輕歌妙韻齊獻唱 (香港公園)

Choral Concert at Hong Kong Park 輕歌妙韻齊獻唱 (香港公園)

31 January 1999 (Sun) 3:00pm-4:40pm
Plaza, Hong Kong Park
1999年1月31日 (星期日) 下午3時正至4時30分

Performance 演出
Conductor 指揮:李建真 Lee Kin Chun
Chorus 合唱團:The Pro-Musica Chorus of Hong Kong
Accompanists 伴奏:高潔萍 Pinko Ko 
曾麗瑾 Lisa Tzeng

Presented by Provisional Urban Council

Programme 程序表
  • Songs of Laughter 笑之歌
    • 哈嘻呵 [笑之歌] Ha He Ho [Song Of Laughter])
    •  輕笑 (Light Laughters)
  •  Songs of Girls 少女篇
    • 黑眉毛 (Black Eyebrows)
    •  阿拉木汗 (Alamuhan)
    • Caleno Custureme (我的甜心少女)
  •  Songs of Regret 惋惜篇
    • The Water Is Wide (大河之水)
    •  Rolling Down To Rio (奔往里約)
  • Songs in Pursuit of Love 示愛篇
    • Baritone Solo 男中音獨唱 -- 駱廣基 Eric Lok 
      • 紅豆詞 (Red Bean Song)
      • 追尋 (Pursuit)
    • Duet 二重唱 -- 曾麗瑾 Lisa Tzeng, 唐兆楷 Simen Tong
      • Whispering Hope (微聲盼望)
    • Soprano Solo 女高音獨唱 -- 李錦清 Li Kam Ching
      • 歡樂的百靈 (Happy Lark)
  • Songs of Worship 禱告篇
    • Bless This House (神佑吾家)
    • The Lord's Prayer (主禱文)
    • Sanctus (Holy 聖哉經)
  • Chilly and Gloomy Songs 陰冷篇
    • 秋夕 (An Autumn Evening)
    • 遺忘 (If I Could Forget)
    • 你的夢 (Your Dream)
  • Patriotic Songs 愛國篇
    • 歌八百壯士 (Tribute To The Brave Eight Hundred)
    • 旗正飄飄 (Flying Banners)
    •  滿江紅 (All Red The River)

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